Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Blog

Hello All!
I'm not completely sure why I would say hello to you all since I'm sure no one is reading this, HOWEVER, I would still like to say hello all:)
Well, let's see. I've decided to create a blog after stumbling upon It has led me to interesting stories and amazing recipes to give a go. Also, I recently deactivated my facebook and need something else to put my internet time into, so why not blog?
Hmmm.....about me. This is tough. It's like when you go to an interview for a job and the interviewer asks you that dreadful question: (which you should know the answer to but of course you never do) "Tell me about yourself." Well, future potential boss and people (hopefully) enjoying my blog, my name is Emily.

I am a college freshmen who is currently going through pledging for a sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. My major is nursing, I love to eat oatmeal and I enjoy taking my dogs on long walks.

I obsess over baking and cooking and making other people happy, however I tend to forget my own needs half of the time. I am stressed a lot and thinking about transferring schools closer to home because my school is five hours away. It's somewhat tearing me apart slowly.
How is it tearing me apart, you may ask? Well, I hated being home all through high school. I dreamed constantly of being independent and getting as far away from home as I possibly could without breaking the bank. The day finally came and I was on my own in a completely different part of the state. I knew no one and thought it would be awesome. Turns out, all those adults who told me I would miss home and everything I had, were 100% correct. The first week was all I could ask for. I met one girl, who turns out to be a little psycho, and went to frats every single night of the week. The second week comes and I get to know my roommate more and realize how truly psycho she is also.
(I'm the one on the right)
I begin missing home, but just a tad. The third week rolls around and I begin losing it. My weight gain from the summer gets to my head and I start throwing up, but not that much. Just here and there to make myself feel better after I had eaten too much. But as with any eating disorder it got worse. I eventually told my mom who arrived 6 hours later to take me home for a week. I got back to school and slowly got better. I started making more friends and things were going well. Heck, I didn't even want to come home for winter break! But I did because I had to. I ate too much over break and the weight kept creeping on, so halfway through I really started making healthy decisions. I counted every calorie and tried not to go over 1,200 a day. This does not give fast results and so when I came back to school I went on a strict diet of no more than 800 calories.
Then the second week no more than 600 calories.
The third week I was down to 400 calories.
And weeks four, five and six? I wasn't eating anything. I dropped 20 pounds and seeing the results fed my disorder. It drove me insane, though, because I was constantly thinking about my weight and how I can't eat anything and how I would be a failure if I ate anything more than a handful of cereal or carrots. I'm home now on week seven and this extreme diet continues. It's driving my family insane, too. But enough of my babbling. I need sleep!
I'm in the process of making cake pops. I'll share them with you all tomorrow:)
Goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite!